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We want everyone who visits the Sumner County Schools website to feel welcome and find the experience rewarding. These guidelines explain how to make web content more accessible for people with disabilities, and user friendly for everyone.

We monitor the website regularly to maintain this, but if you do find any problems, please get in touch. If you enjoyed using the Sumner County Schools website, or if you had trouble with any part of it, please get in touch. We'd like to hear from you in any of the following ways:. North Sumner Elementary would like to congratulate former students in the class of ! Welcome to the new school year! We are all extremely excited to have everyone back to participate in the new beginnings. Please scan the QR Code with your phone to access the information. The majority of at-home materials will be provided through Google Classroom.

If you cannot access the Internet, please contact your school for guidance on when to pick up materials. As a school, we will work with you on arranging appropriate pick-up times for delivery that limits direct contact with all personnel. Work will be submitted through Google Classroom.

Students without classroom access will submit a photo of their work through Remind to their teacher. Asments will be graded using Google Classroom or photo submission of asment through Remind. How to use the Google Tools.

How to access the Sumner Connect Lesson Library. In order to mitigate student interaction to small cohorts classroom groupstudents entering the Tennessee (TN). prior to will be spaced in the instructional hallways by their deated classrooms, cafeteria or gymnasium. This will limit the of students with whom your child is exposed.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

Those students eating breakfast will go directly to the cafeteria. Students not eating breakfast will go to their classroom cohort location. How will we move students from cars into the building? Multiple points of entry?

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

This will allow students to go directly to their cohort location or to the cafeteria for breakfast if applicable. Students not eating breakfast will enter through the gym door. The cafeteria personnel will serve the students and follow proper food service precautions.

Students will be encouraged to remain spaced out in the breakfast serving line. Students will be paced by cohort to ensure safety for all. Precautions are being taken to limit exposure of different classroom cohorts to each other during the lunch process. Only one classroom cohort will be entering the serving area at a time.

NSE has restructured the lunch schedule to provide half-capacity in the cafeteria during lunch times. This will allow students to be properly social distanced. We hope you understand this precaution is to protect each child in the school building. Every effort is being taken to make the school as accommodating for students and safe for students and school employees. We realize and understand that the physical activity provided at recess is essential to child development and health. In order to provide this needed release of energy and provide a safe environment for your student, recess will be divided for half capacity at deated recess areas.

Two classroom cohorts will be on the playground at a time. Multiple play areas will be available to Adult singles dating in Bethpage cohorts: playground, field and track area. As well as, students will wash hands or use hand sanitizer upon entry and dismissal of recess.

Particular attention will be taken by the custodial staff to maintain clean and fresh restrooms as always. Zoom or other web-based programs might be used for school-wide celebrations and instructional programs. NSE appreciates its school family; however, lunch visitors will not be allowed for the School Year. We will continue to have IEP meetings and other needed meetings in the school office area. We appreciate your understanding and patience with this matter. When weather permits, the PE teacher will take students outside to various areas on the grounds for physical activity.

Departmentalized grade levels will disinfect classrooms between each class rotation. As students transition from one class to another they will wash or utilize hand sanitizer. Classrooms will be disinfected between instructional groups. Schedules will be maximized to allow for proper cleaning. Sumner Connect will support teachers in their delivery of online instruction through Google Classroom and the integration of additional GSuite tools.

Instruction during extended absences or closure will be provided by teachers through their Google Classrooms. A trained individual will collect the student medicine and dispense it to the student. Tennessee (TN). will prevent the student from coming in contact with sick students.

Students will be removed from the classroom, the room will be disinfected, and students will return to the classroom with a substitute teacher. Parents will be notified if a situation arises per Sumner County guidelines. Students who Adult singles dating in Bethpage in the isolation space will be in direct line of sight of an adult. Bus s will be called over the intercom and students will be dismissed to their deated bus pick-up location. A staff member will be positioned at each pick-up location to ensure the safe dismissal of students.

First through third grade will dismiss out the middle door of the building. Kindergarten, fourth, and fifth graders will dismiss out the main entrance. Students will have deated seating locations that will limit their contact with others.

Students will be called individually to be dismissed as their parents arrive and will exit the building from the gym door. Parents are asked to stay in their cars during dismissal in the car rider line. Please watch for loading changes and updates when you arrive.

NSE is in most grades. Students will be ased their own device to use while enrolled at NSE. It will be routinely sanitized.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

How will we communicate to parents the district plan for school closures for classrooms, schools, and the district as a whole? Attendees of registration nights will be required to wear masks guardians and students 13 years and older, due to the current Sumner County Executive Order that is in effect. If you are a returning student, you will NOT need to create a new. If you need assistance, please reach out to the school office. Please remember to bring all required documents and remember enrolling on-line is encouraged, but not required.

Parents wishing to enroll their child into virtual learning will attend their zoned schools registration days. Please bring all required registration paperwork i. Students enrolled in Sumner Virtual Academy will not be allowed to participate in school sponsored extracurricular activities. The law requires schools to give parents many different kinds of information and notices in a uniform and understandable format and, to the extent practicable, in a language that the parents can understand.

Listed below are some of these required notices that must be made to parents by school districts or individual public schools. Written complaint procedures: LEAS disseminate free of charge to parents of students, and to appropriate private school officials or representatives, adequate information about the State Educational Agency's SEA written complaint procedures for resolving issues of violation s of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to Title l, Part A programs.

Teacher qualifications and non-highly qualified teachers: Beginning with the school year, schools will no longer be required to provide notice to parents related to the highly qualified status of their child's teacher. This includes information about whether the student's teacher:.

Title Ill requires that each eligible entity receiving a subgrant under shall include in its plan a certification that all teachers in any language instruction educational program for limited English proficient children that is, or will be, funded under this part are fluent in English and any other language used for instruction, including having written and oral communication skills. Districts must give parents annual notice of an adoption or continued use of such policies and within a reasonable period of time after any substantive change in such policies.

This type of student information, commonly referred to as "directory information," includes such items as names, addresses and telephone s and is information generally not considered harmful or an Adult singles dating in Bethpage of privacy if disclosed. The notice must include an explanation of a parent's right to request that the information not be disclosed without prior written consent. Additionally, requires Adult singles dating in Bethpage parents be notified that the school routinely discloses names, addresses and telephone s to military recruiters upon request, subject to a parent's request not to disclose such information without written consent.

A single notice provided through a mailing, student handbook or other method that is reasonably calculated to inform parents of the above information is sufficient to satisfy the parental notification requirements of both FERPA and The notification must advise the parent of how to opt out of the public, nonconsensual disclosure of directory information and the method and timeline within which to do so.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

Military recruiter access to student information: Districts receiving federal education funds must notify parents of secondary school students that they have a right to request their child's name, address and telephone not be released to a military recruiter without their prior written consent. Districts must comply with any such requests. Parental involvement: A district receiving Title I funds and each school served under Title I must develop tly with, agree on with, and distribute to, parents of children participating in Title I programs, a written parental involvement policy.

If a school or district has a parental involvement policy that applies to all parents, it may amend the policy to meet the requirements under the ESEA. Parents shall be notified of the policy in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language the parents can understand. Such policy shall be made available to the local community and updated periodically to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.

Title Ill requires that each eligible entity receiving a subgrant under submit a plan to the SEA that describes how the eligible entity will promote parental and community participation in programs for limited English proficient children. Title Ill-funded LEAS are required to implement an effective means of outreach to parents of limited English proficient children to inform such parents of how they can be involved in the education of their children and be active participants in assisting their children to learn English, achieve at high levels in core academic subjects and meet the same State Tennessee (TN).

and achievement standards all children are expected to meet. Rep ort cards on statewide academic assessment: Each school district that receives Title l, Part A funds must prepare and disseminate an annual report card.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

Generally, the state or district must include on its report card information about public schools related to student achievement, ability, teacher qualifications and other required information, as well as any other information that the state or district deems relevant.

These report cards must be concise and presented in an understandable and uniform format accessible to persons with disabilities and, to the extent practicable, provided in a language that parents can understand.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

Individual achievement on state assessment: A school that receives Title I funds must provide each parent information on the achievement level of their child on each of the state academic assessments as soon as is. All schools must provide to parents, teachers and principals the individual student interpretive, descriptive and diagnostic reports, which allow specific academic needs to be understood and addressed, and include information on the student's achievement on academic assessments aligned with State academic achievement.

Parents of children selected to participate in any NAEP assessment must be informed before the assessment is administered that their child may be excused from participation for any reason, is not required to finish any assessment and is not required to answer any test question. A district must make reasonable efforts to inform parents and the public about their right to access all assessment data except personally identifiable informationquestions and current assessment instruments.

School-wide programs: A district must inform eligible schools and parents of school-wide program authority under which such schools may consolidate funds from federal, state and local sources to upgrade the entire educational program of the school. Progress review: Each LEA shall publicize the of the annual progress review to parents, teachers, principals, schools and Tennessee (TN).

community so that the teachers, principals, other staff and schools can continually refine, in an instructionally useful manner, the program of instruction to help all children served under Title I to meet the challenging State student academic achievement standards. Safe and drug-free schools orozrams: A district receiving safe and drug-free school program funds must inform and involve parents in violence and drug prevention efforts. The district must make reasonable efforts to inform parents of the content of safe and drug-free school programs and activities other than classroom instruction.

If a parent objects in writing, the district must withdraw the student from the program or activity. For not identified as limited English proficient prior to the beginning of the Adult singles dating in Bethpage year, the district must notify parents within the first two weeks of the child being placed in such a program. Each eligible entity using Title Ill funds to provide a language instruction education program, and that has failed to make progress on the annual measurable achievement objectives shall separately inform the parents of children identified for participation in such program, or participating in such program, of such failure not later than 30 days after such failure occurs.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

All required information shall be provided in an understandable and uniform format and, to the extent practicable, in a language that the parent can understand. Homeless children: To be eligible for funds, the school must provide written notice, at the time any child seeks enrollment in such school, and at least twice annually while the child is enrolled in such school, to the parent. If the district sends a homeless child to a school other than the school of origin or the school requested by the parent or guardian, the district must provide the parents a written explanation for, including notice of the right to appeal, the decision.

The information must also be provided whenever a dispute arises over school selection. Each LEA liaison for homeless children and youth shall ensure the parents or guardians of homeless children and youth are informed of the educational and related opportunities available to their children and are provided with meaningful opportunities to participate in the education of their children.

Public notice of the educational rights of homeless children and youths is disseminated where such children and youths receive services under this Act, such as schools, family shelters and soup Adult singles dating in Bethpage. The of evaluations shall be made available to the public upon request, with public notice of such availability provided.

Adult singles dating in Bethpage, Tennessee (TN).

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