Older granny Big Stone Gap town

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Look Inside Reading Guide. Reading Guide. Oct 31, Minutes Buy. In Home to Big Stone Gapshe tells her most powerful story yet, full of humor and heart, wisdom and hope.

Older granny Big Stone Gap town

Yet before she can put her foot on the path, her life is turned upside down. Ave Maria Older granny Big Stone Gap town to helm the town musical, a hilarious reunion of local talent past and present. A lifelong friendship collapses when a mysterious stranger comes to town and reveals a long-buried secret. An unexpected health crisis threatens her family. An old heartthrob reappears, challenging her marriage. Now she has no choice but to reinvent her world, her life, and herself, whether she wants to or not. Trigiani keeps the s turning. A wonderful homecoming indeed. Home to Big Stone Gap.

In this fourth entry, Ave Maria Mulligan MacChesney and her husband, Jack, must come to terms with the absence of daughter Etta, newly married and living in Italy. Then comes news that her longtime friend, glamorous librarian Iva Lou, has been keeping a startling secret for nearly 20 years.

Other developments, including a health scare for Jack and a Christmas visit from a colorful former resident, move the plot along briskly. With her original cast of characters, playwright and television writer Trigiani blends playfulness and pathos in this evocative portrait of a small southern town. Fans of the Big Stone Gap series can look forward to a feature film; Trigiani has written the screenplay and is slated to direct.

As skillfully as Ms. Trigiani makes us laugh, she makes us cry. Everything that really matters is here: humor, romance, wisdom, and drama. High in the Alps, spring was in full bloom, and so was Etta, who was expecting her first. I was so close to the folks back home that when I got married, it seemed natural to try to develop the same ties here that I had there. I miss my parents, but this is a real adventure for me, so I try to focus on that.

And I have my grandfather here, which is a big plus. AT: So you plan to live here forever? EMG: laughs For the foreseeable forever. I want to finish my degree, and I should be able to do that in the next year or so. AT: What are your dreams for your child? She could drive me crazy, but at the same time I knew it was coming from a good place. My father and I have always had an easy relationship. I always wanted to have a family while I was still young. Will you teach him English? EMG: Definitely.

Stefano speaks English very well, and we speak it at home. Stefano and I plan to travel a lot with the baby. EMG: Right here. Stefano and I go to Santa Margherita whenever we get a chance. We love Lake Como. When we go there I always think of Big Cherry Lake back home. Dad used to take us canoeing up there.

The people are so warm and welcoming.

Older granny Big Stone Gap town

AT: I hear the population growth is flat. EMG: Most families have one. The ones I know, anyhow. AT: Do you know how many children you want? EMG: Two or three. AT: Have the first one and then get back to me on that! AT: Do you have a preference for a girl or a boy? AT: Do you have any names picked out? AT: Of course not! AT: Really? My grandmother chose it for my mother as a sort of talisman, to protect her. That always appealed to me.

AT: You really are a traditionalist. I feel very blessed that I come from a long line of strong women. It seems we survived despite a lot of obstacles. And it also seems that we each made our choices and have lived by them. My mother—and from what I hear, my grandmother, too—never second-guessed herself. AT: I have one piece of advice for you. EMG: Sure. Discover the Must-Read Books of Read An Excerpt. Oct 30, ISBN Add to Cart. Also available from:. Oct 31, ISBN Available from:. Audiobook Download. Paperback —. Also in Big Stone Gap.

Also by Adriana Trigiani.

Older granny Big Stone Gap town

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Older granny Big Stone Gap town

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Older granny Big Stone Gap town

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