Play the sexual world cup

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In a soccer match last year, a ball tumbled aimlessly into the penalty area — almost like a confused pedestrian — about 13 yards from the goal. Two players, caught off guard by its awkward bounce, missed it.

Play the sexual world cup

Men, on balance, are indeed faster and stronger than women. The physiological differences between the sexes are why sports are generally sex segregated in the first place.

Play the sexual world cup

Some fixate on the statistics that show the gap between the sexes at the elite level of most sports to be indisputable. Of course not. The semifinal between Serena Williams and Justine Henin in the French Open was as nail-biting a drama as any face-off between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal has been at that same tournament. Those are two remarkable moments among hundreds. And lovers of sport fail to adequately for the fact that women were denied professional, and even amateur, participation in sport for centuries.

And when they did begin to participate, they were chastised for being unladylike or were officially banned. In the early 20th century, tens of thousands of people would turn up to watch women play soccer in England, after they filled the gap in sporting entertainment when most eligible men were abroad fighting in World War I. In ! Great without the fully funded systems, infrastructure and contracts that make the endless hours of youth training worth the return on investment.

Play the sexual world cup

Tellingly, fans and broadcasters of male leagues find themselves lauding the feminine-like grace of players such as Stephen Curry and Lionel Messi — whooping at how their studied elegance can outwit their bigger, more flat-footed opponents. But turning welcome change into greater equity will also need the men in gray suits, who still run all sports, to realize that women deserve more.

The upsets, triumphs and tears, while players like the Americans Alex Morgan and Lindsay Horan, the Brazilian maestro Marta and the Dutch sensation Vivianne Miedema scintillate audiences. The Times is committed to publishing a diversity of letters to the editor. Here are some tips.

Play the sexual world cup Play the sexual world cup

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