Pomona student looking to chill

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But before we start on optimal study-spaces, please allow me one moment to aggressively repress this strange urge to post photos I took over fall break. I can do this. How about a rain-check?

Pomona student looking to chill

Okay, I think we can agree that it would be more productive for me to move on at this point, with the knowledge that I will eventually post about fall break, just not this week. Or the next. So, what was I trying to say earlier, just before my photojournaling impulse likely cultivated by the the ever-addictive social media demon that is Instagram took over? Study spaces.

Pomona student looking to chill

Today, a brief exchange brought to my attention how important environment becomes when we students are in a vulnerable state, such as that in which we often find ourselves while doing schoolwork. The exchange occurred near the fountain at Smith Campus Center, where my friend and I were standing sadly upon finding out that the smores-flavoured challah was sold out for the night. It went something like this:. Daniel : Do you want to go to the library to study? Me : Huntley?

Daniel : Honnold. Me : Oh yeah, Huntley is the bookstore. Well, do you work in ambient noise, or silence? Daniel : Ambient noise, but I can work in silence, too! Janice : The library is bright too, though. Daniel : But Esther is there! So, most of that information seems superfluous at the moment, and it probably is.

However, do you see the dilemma when it comes to choosing a spot to study?

Pomona student looking to chill

Unlike the lucky souls who feel most comfortable studying in their rooms, I find my room either too messy, or too close to good company for working. I often opt for the Coop Fountain, because the dull chatter and radio-esque background music, along with the ever-present option of taking a food break, is comforting. Or refrain, in hopes that your secret place will never be discovered by other students. Dat early-evening view through the big glass doors of Lyon lounge. Honnold-Mudd Library Admittedly, the library is an awesome place to get productive. The first floor is always bustling with busy-ish college students sipping coffee, or collaborating on cool projects, and now, you can do the same!

As you go upstairs, things start to look a little more studious, until you reach the fourth floor, where perpetual silence hangs dense in every corner, between every stack, under every desk. Sustenance and one long, super-accessible power strip—what more do you need? The Motley The coffee house at Scripps! Embrace the vibe: paper mache bras line the windowsills, tapestries hang from homey brick walls, and cool, natural light fills the space during the day.

There is also some outdoor seating, and a fair share of rebellious yet PC discussion going on all around that may pique your interest.

Pomona student looking to chill

Patches of grass around campus Though Marston Quad is beautifully serene, there are so many patches of grass beckoning from all around the 5C campuses! Just watch out for ants and loose frisbees. Marston Quad: So much green! Under the bed Some people have created their own study-sanctuaries by raising their bed frames to the highest setting, then setting up a nest underneath!

Since it doubles as a mail room on one end, you may experience short bursts of noise during your time there. There are many academic buildings that offer great seating-table-outlet combos for us to take advantage of. Hearty soups compliment the experience of paper-writing quite well! And no, that is not facebook open in the background. And with that, I will end the list! Although there are many wonderful study-spots on campus yet to be acknowledged, I feel that their tranquil aura would be corrupted with such a public announcement of their whereabouts.

So readers, explore! Venture beyond the bounds of your comfort zone, and perhaps you will find a peace you never thought could exist uninterrupted on a college campus.

Pomona student looking to chill

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