Seeking a little warmth this Denver

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The year-old slept for hours, the quiet and seclusion a welcome break from the downtown Denver homeless shelter he rests in at night. A warm, nice bed. But I just am thankful to God for what I got so far. Some institutions and national organizations survey students about housing and food insecurity, but the s are self-reported with many students never filling out the information.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver

For comparison, inRed Rocks enrolled more than 7, students, but 2, of them were older than Yet the plight is so evident at Red Rocks that the college is in the process of partnering with The Action Center — a Jefferson County nonprofit organization that offers food, clothing and housing help to those in need — to establish a shelter to house about a dozen students.

More immigrants, first-generation students, LGBTQ people and members of marginalized communities are seeking higher education than in years past. Sometimes, LGBTQ students get kicked out of their homes when they come out to their parents and have trouble filling out financial aid forms.

Some students age out of the foster care system and are left without guidance. It would be a mistake not to support and empower them. Higher education professionals may not have exact s illustrating how many of their students are experiencing homelessness, but they recognize the glaring s: hygiene problems when a shower is hard to come by; security reporting students bundled in blankets asleep in their cars in campus parking lots; campus food banks picked over. Because he lacks high school transcripts, Davidson needs to take his GED tests again in order to start classes in the spring.

He told Studebaker he completed some community college in California years ago, but his transcripts are on microfiche — out of his budget and capability to obtain now. There is nothing that could be further from the truth. Fatima Kiass found the financial aid application to be one of the tallest hurdles in her pursuit of a degree while homeless and lacking the parental information needed to apply for federal financial aid. Seeking a little warmth this Denver couch-surfed with friends until she moved into her dorm at the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley in Kiass transferred to Metropolitan State University of Denver insleeping in her car while she studied sociology and human services.

I needed a place to study. I had all my clothes in my trunk. I needed space for my school books and my papers. I needed space to be a student. Urban Peak, the only nonprofit organization in Denver providing services for youth ages 15 to 24 who are experiencing homelessness, helped Kiass find an apartment in Capitol Hill and get back on her feet while attending MSU Denver. Now, Kiass works as an outreach case manager at Urban Peak, helping homeless youth.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver

Kiass hopes colleges become more aware of their homeless students and provide more outreach, compassion and services to a population often ashamed to come forward. There are existing resources at colleges across Colorado, including food pantries available for hungry students.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver

MSU Denver has a pilot program in development for a food truck offering products like meat, milk, eggs, fruit, vegetables, baby food and canned goods to those in need. The University of Colorado Boulder offers free emergency food boxes for students in need. Tables of free food dot the Red Rocks campus, spilling over with bread, condiments and canned goods. The community college has a special room where students are free to rest. Davidson saves up for public transportation from his Denver homeless shelter to Red Rocks Community College, where he spends most of his time in the school library deing guitars.

He pulled a folder out of his backpack with stacks of his drawings inside — some stained with coffee, but all intricate and neat. In November, Red Rocks administrators, Davidson and Little Sammy met in a conference room, discussing the logistics of opening and sustaining the shelter. They need more funding to keep the space open long-term, officials agreed. They were still working out potential criteria students would need to apply and talked about how to staff the place.

Walowitz and the Red Rocks crew tossed around ideas for shelter names — something friendly and not off-putting.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver

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Seeking a little warmth this Denver

Red Rocks Community College to open homeless shelter for degree-seeking students. By: The Associated Press.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver

His dreams seem far away. Copyright The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Community Help make sure students have the supplies they need to be successful in school.

Seeking a little warmth this Denver Seeking a little warmth this Denver

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