Sensual encounters Grantham ny

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Contact Me To send me an or me without any of the protection offered by the site, via granthamsbest hotmail. Send me a free when hotwetandwild posts to their blog Wednesday, May 6th Hello Been along time Sorry its been such along time since my last blog. So thought i would give you an insight into my naughty life that i have been leading Boy have i been having lots of fun, lots of fucking, cock sucking, pussy licking. I have loved every minute. I feel so horny even thinking about fucking men who i dont no. Dressing in little tight dresses with stocking and no knickers with high heels and as you guys have read before, summer is my favorite time, so i can fuck outside with the sun shining on my naked body Ive been to the gym alot in my spare time to try to get my body in peak condition, ive been perfecting squats, so im getting rather good on Sensual encounters Grantham ny and my favorite is reverse cowboy Thinking of getting a sexy cowgirl outfit Infact i am gonna get one.

Will just need the horse Wednesday, October 15th Winters coming Boy its getting cold ,means i will have to wear lots of clothes to keep Sensual encounters Grantham ny warm. That will mean i cannot just play with myself when needs must Nothing more of a turn on wearing a little dress with no panties so i can slip my fingers in between my legs and play with my wet pussy and feel my honey sweet nectar dripping all over my fingers so i can then taste myself and boy my pussy taste so good Leaves me gagging for cock.

No more sexy fun in the garden and fucking in the rain Back to my king size bed made for hard fuckinglicking and sucking Heating high body dripping xx Saturday, February 1st My knight in shining armour My knight in shining armour came to see me last sunday He brought me so so many love gifts. All white. He took lots of photos so hopefully he will let me have a copy to put on my profile so every one can see me. Im not very good at putting photos on the web but hopefully you wont wait to long Back to my sexy encounter with my knight in shining armour I dressed up in my favorite white outfit it was a lace, all in one, with stockings attached Small sexy g-strings just covering my shaven pussy and white shiny stillettoes.

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

I posed and pouted for my knightuntill we couldnt wait any longer to fuck, and boy did we fuck We fucked all over the house, I fucked himtill he begged me to stop. What a wonderful way to spend sunday afternoon Monday, January 6th White queen I have discoverd i have developed a passion for wearing sexy white lingerie. The full works bask, stockings, surspenders ,panties. I thought i looked hot and it made me feel horny I called a playmate to come and take some pictures of me so i could share them on A W.

Sorry never got round to having the photos took. He pushed me on the chair pulled my skirt up round my waist, my white panties around my ankles and entered me calling me his white queen. What a turn on.

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

Loved every minute So from now on think its got to be white white white for the white queen of grantham lol. Wednesday, January 1st Christmas What a wonderful christmas. I have been such a spoilt girl, in more ways than one I have had lots of lovely "santas" coming all over my black stocking my tits and face and body ohh I wish it could be christmas every day springs to mind.

Ive been taken to some lovely christmas parties Where ive met some new amazing people male and females ,who have taught me lots of new tricks. One of the best nights was 5 in a bedand being massaged by 2 amazing sexy girls ,their names i cannot rememberwho made me come and come in front of their partners who then fucked me one after the other while we drank lots of fizz. Champagne never tasted so good Whata turn on I think now every i take a sip of champagne i will remember xxx Saturday, August 17th The phone call Ive had a call from my charlie Ohhhh so excited, but he has given me a choice, either i can keep him all to myself, or share him with one of my friends And ive also got to think of lots of new things to do The thought of being very greedy and getting licked and fucked all night and played with seems like a lovely way to spend my time with him But how can i refuse a fuck feast with my lovely sexy girly friend too Im going to let him fuck her first while i play cane his bottom as he pumps her to climax Then he will be all mine to do with as i wish I will make him watch as she licks my wet shaven pussy and we spend lots of time exploring each others body kissing each other all over Think my charlie needs to be carefull we may forget he is even there.

So ive made up my mind will keep him all to myself I will fuck my friend another time. Sunday, August 4th To much fizz Sunday morning uggg!!!! Why does one have to suffer soo soo bad, after such a fabb night out with the girls Luckly went to a different town so felt i could really let my hair down and enjoy. Killer heels were not such a good idea, look so Sensual encounters Grantham ny if you dont have to walk to far but after a Sensual encounters Grantham ny glasses of fizz it was hard work and Sensual encounters Grantham ny danced all night I just need someone, now to make me better.

Run me a very deep bubble bath and wash my aching body from top to toe I need a strong man to carry me to the bed and massage my whole naked body taking a lot of time to make sure that they dont miss any little bit of me. Make me purr with delight, and beg for more more Well a girl can dream Maybe a good fuck would do.!!! I must make sure i dont drink so much fizz all in one go again lol. Well not this week any way Sunday, August 4th what do you do with your spare time Fuck me!!!!! I was just reading back through my blogs and its all full of ME ME ME playing with myself or with vibraters Do i not have any thing better to do than play with myself Well the answer to that is Yes i do but playing with myself is so much fun I can do it any time of day or night any where i choose and best of all with whom or what i choose.

I do love my growing collection of different vibraters. Although i must say i do prefer the real thing. Well i just love sex sex sex the more the better Its quite amazing just what makes me think about sex. I love going to the gym and having a good work out, but then the gym is usually full of men working out and showing off their half naked body young and old alike Off i go again xxxx Needless to say i dont have any "spare" time Wednesday, July 31st Looking for another charlie Its very quiet day today.

You cannot all have gone on holiday. I got thinking about my fab friend Sensual encounters Grantham nyWhen he last came to visit me and what a wonderful time fuck we had, and how many times he made me come xxx So ive layed my naked tanned body on the bed with my legs wide open Ive massaged oil all over my body Ohhh i love the silky feel of the oil between my legs and over my nipples Charlie where are u?

Ive now bent over on all 4s with my arse in the air so u can gently cane me and kiss and lick my pussy The cane comes down harder making me scream and my arse is on fire Ohh that hurt didnt like it ,I get up rather quick and pick up the cane and boy im going give it to you till you beg me to stop Im gonna make you beg to fuck me. Beg to kiss my body all over. Beg me to come all over your tongue Think i really need a good fuck xxx need another charlie xxx Friday, June 14th Where have i been Sorry not been in touch boys, but life moves so fast.

Although im still on my quest to try out all the vibrators that i can get my clitty on I was busy playing with myself the other day, when the door bell rang It was an old friend who i will call Charlie, a great chap who used to come and see me lots, but we lost touch as he moved to another town He had brought me a present, and also one for himself.

His being a strap on, and putting it on made me feel so horny Wow i was really going to enjoy fucking him and boy did i fuck him Oh the power I then caned him and made him lick my whole body all over and he fucked me with his superb cock till i came all over it. My present flowers and chocs not quite the same Give me a strap on any day xxx Sunday, May 5th I woke up this morning Oh i woke up this morning feeling hot and horny,i put my hand between my legs, and felt my juicy very wet pussy I throw the covers back and opened my legs wide, i have a mirror by the side of my bed I watch myself slide first one finger in.

Wow it was so so wet I started having lots of sexual fantasies about having a threesome with two guys We would have sex in every position then i would play with myself while they both climaxed all over my boobs Ohh what a fab way to wake up and start the day.

Ive got a lovely smile on my face, Lets hope this happens more often Sunday, May 5th Another for my naughty list Im going to have a wild encounter with a woman Not sure who yet but i need to explorer a womans pussy someone who is sexy and sensual Im sure she would no just where to touch me, kiss me, and lick meand because i had never done it before, i would be submissive. Oh thats a first too, i love to be dominate really I would then hopefully lick kiss and touch her in all the right places till she comes in my mouth Im sure i might need abit of practice lol Oh again im getting a bit flustered just thinking about it.

Think i going have to go looking for a sexy woman Only the once though cause boy do i love cock and lots of cock Wednesday, May 1st What a fantastic day Oh just what i have been waiting for the sun yes yes yes Im out side laying nearly naked, well just in my white G-String, to show off my tan to the neighbors Oh i really do hope they Sensual encounters Grantham ny see me. I love to think that they are watching, While im playing with myself with my fingers right up inside legs spread wide apart, and make myself come ohhhh that was rather loud I want someone to me so they can lick me all over slowly and then bend me over on all fours and fuck me hard from behind ,while i suck my neighbors big hard cock.

Ohhh damm some ones knocking on my door Maybe its my lucky day Tuesday, April 30th Ive done it ive been to the sea side and had wonderful sex on the beach It was so good. To be total naked with the sun shining on my naked body and a big cock to play with to suck and fuck wow wow Would be nice to think that maybe some one might be watching me having the time of my life.

Wanking while watching me coming and coming. I then thought the sea but that was just a little to cold But that is a must for next time Why i ask myself have i never done it before Must say would have been nice if had been just a little bit warmer ,but i was sooo hotttttt See the rest of my blog here.

Access to hotwetandwild's Private Gallery costs 2. Send me a free when new pics are added Face Pictures Only Pictures Albums spunk on my tits x pixels 1. What is your star?

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

Bum What three words best describe your personality? Channel no 5 What is your favourite gift? Caucasian White What is the colour of your eyes? Blue What is the colour of your hair? Brown What length is your hair? Long How tall are you? DD How would you describe the size of your breasts? Large Are your breasts natural or enhanced? Natural How is your pubic hair fashioned? Shaved Mostly Do you smoke? No Do you have any tattoos or piercings? Both If you have tattoos or piercings, how discreet are they None What times are you always available?

I fell over when a little tipsy falling with my legs wide open ohhh no g- strings What sort of men turn you on? Smart and clean smelling What sort of women turn you on? Dogging and swinging Where would you most like to have sex? In a soft warm bed What is your favourite sexual position?

On top What is your second favourite sexual position?

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

Being watched while im being fucked The most sensitive part of my anatomy is? Lo What sexual activity do you enjoy the most? Welcome to AdultWork. Rating: Private Gallery. Im curvy and attractive and so very sexy Call or txt me for quick response, Im waiting to get down and dirty ready to fuck. All levels sexy hot babe Lacey ready and waiting short notice appointments usually available But booking recommended Sexy very naughty intimate and always Horny and ready to have some fun and a good fucking Make me cum.

You will find me in a private discreet house in Granthams town centre Where everything is in place for are safety with shower facilities clean towels and fresh linen I am one hundred per cent fit and healthy and one hundred per cent sexy Both yours and my health are of the upmost importance Whatever your views on Covid 19 We need to stay safe That said Lets fuck Now. Im waiting. Call me or txt I dress to impress, in sexy glamour wear and stockings and killer heels. Looking for men with the right tools and toys to press all the right buttons.

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

I give a one to one personal touch for your extreme pleasure Friendly, bubbly and lots of fun. My house is a place where you can relax and feel at home. A place where your dreams and fantasies can come to life Im ready and waiting for you.

Just come fuck me Please call or txt for quick responce Short notice appointments available. Can you squirt. Yes there is a shower or a bath, with lots of hot water Clean towels,aftershave, and a glass of wine. If you wish, i will you toooooo. Yes although you are paying for my time some of my specialized services,do come at an additional cost.

I cannot play 7 days a week but if i am not available just call my phone it will be answered by another hot lady. I try to answer my mobile Sensual encounters Grantham ny much as possible,if no reply, Please dont leave me a voice mail. I do respond to txt messages.

Please no withheld s i will get back to you asap. To arrange a meeting. To view my availability for the next 14 days. To send me an. You can call me on:. Get QR. Calls from withheld s and SMS messages will be ignored. Vital Statistics:.

Sensual encounters Grantham ny

email: [email protected] - phone:(943) 797-9262 x 5390

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