Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis

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What a dynamic film. I am going to see if our local art center The Chaffee, in Rutland, VT can acquire it and have some special showings.

Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis

I purchased this movie last year and a friend and I showed it to a group of women to jump-start a discussion. As a result of that we have formed a group to support female artists in our community and nurture creativity through discussion and hands-on art projects. I highly recommend both the movie and creating a support group for women artists balancing family life and art. I own this documentary. It is worth every cent. I invited female artists from a variety of mediums to my house to watch it. From there we started a small group that we hope will grow to support each other and to discuss art.

One thing we all struggle with is a lack of community and once children arrive time to do our art. And I agree with you, I stayed home with my two kids and have never regretted it, Marney.

Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis

Well said!!! Lovely pastel portrait as well!!! Totally agree with what you say too. Later on those little fingers will create their own masterpieces right along with you. My children and their friends loved painting and doing papier mache projects along with me. Keep it up! I totally agree with everything you say. And now I have help carrying my easel across the beach! Excellent Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis, Laura! While I had set aside my time to paint, I had time to share and demonstrate to my children that giving of oneself is important, too.

We also homeschooled our 6 children…. I wish I had done more sketching of them……. We did everything from melted crayon drawings which look wonderful framed on the wall, to egg shell mosaics of ancient Roman art, to sculptured bodies that we then made into mummies for our home grown sarcophagi.

NOw they are all doing art on their own…. One does improve this way as you are still learning to see. Now that the kids are all grown I am actively pursuing a career, and I find that all those years of life experiences makes me a much better artist. I very much feel for you. I was a dedicated research scientist at the time when I had children life as a full-time artist came laterand after the time and effort it took to get my qualifications and a great job I had no intention of quitting my career.

It took several years to make up my mind to have children as well as a career and, as you are finding out, it was a constant struggle to do both. The time when I would have liked more time with my children was not, however, when they were young and relatively happy as long as they were well treated, but when they were going through the agonising teenage years! However, I feel it would be tragic for half our population to desert their careers to raise children. The next thing will be the attitude I faced in the s — why bother educating women and giving them equal opportunity in the workplace.

Maybe a better solution would be better and more affordable child-care? First of all, I LOVE your painting…my eyes move from the details of the aspens into the wonderful middle and background…Well done! I just wanted to say that I really agree with your suggestions to any artist facing major life-changing stuff that affects creative time priorities. That kept me from trying to spend 20 hours every day trying to be both mom and dad to the kids, and to take some time for me, else the family would suffer.

Both the art and the kids turned out pretty good!! It is about finding a balance, and it sounds as if you have succeeded. Others who wrote have, also! Am sure it will inspire and lend support to those out there who are Moms and D, too who have these issues…… they need to decide what their priorities are. Happy painting and babies, all! I wish I had someone like you around many years ago when I was trying to balance children and painting.

You must have a very supportive husband, something not mentioned at all here but it is also so important to have supportive spouse or friends! Perfect for Cedar to read and keep. Well done. You really should write a book illustrated? Kudos to you. As you say, when I spend my time on painting wisely, the time I have with my son is richer and more engaged.

Thanks for your honesty and desire to help others on the same path! Very well said Stacey! A tip given to me by another professional artist mother was to work small.

Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis

It works! You keep your skills fresh, your creative juices going, and you have the gratification of finishing a piece in a short amount of time. I also sketch while my child plays in the bathtub. Be creative and utilize those moments of time, no matter how big or small, to work on your art. Wow, Cedar, what a beautiful studio you have! You have flexible hours, and a wonderful passion that you can even soon start to let your son enjoy too.

Spread some butcher paper on the floor, give him some non-toxic paints, crayons or whatever and let him go to town! Soon, you will be able to train him as to which supplies he can play with, and which supplies are just for Mom. You have a great opportunity to enjoy this time, more than many who have to go back to the workplace and be gone all day before their children can even walk. I see this turning into a wonderful time of growth and joy for you.

This should open a can of worms. What a good thing that only women are responsible for the upbringing of children. Would most men even contemplate stepping back from their own careers? What a good job there is a tiny proportion of fathers prepared to do this. A large proportion of male procreators hardly notices or is in denial about what is happening to the mothers of their offspring. The solution for the average woman is still relatively medieval: get on with the child-rearing and leave the career to someone else preferably male. We can reduce this to the formula: It is right and good for a woman to lose sight of her personal career, wishes and needs for the benefit of society.

Cedar you have a beautiful son and a great space to work. I can only speak from my own experience. I actually got into my painting as my full time occupation and sole income of the household because my son was born 6 years ago. I was on maternity leave, and was laid off. It was as if God was kicking me in the rear end to finally use the gifts I have been given. And when he was up I put him in the exersaucer or swing.

It can be done, and yes, it is very time consuming and draining to be an artist and mother to a young one. The full-tilt exhaustion and that all-consuming feeling you are experiencing will pass. It will get better. I think we are fortunate in that we can be flexible with our hours so we can be home with them while they are young.

I was so honored to be able to watch him grow in those first years. Being laid off was the best thing that happened to me! Also you may just want to seek out some help, even if it for an hour or two just to rejuvenate and re-fuel. Between being a mommy and artist, there is a lot of output so please be kind to yourself, and try not to feel too guilty about giving yourself some time alone to refresh, so Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis will be better for you, your art and most importantly your son.

Some days I just have only a few hours to paint so my time is very focused and I think it allows me more concentrated time and less time to ponder and deliberate how a painting is going to be. You might find you produce more quality work in less time. That has been really important work habit for me as I learned how to organize my time with family and an art career.

I hope this helps you and please enjoy this time with your baby boy because, like mine, he will be 6 years old in a flash, unable to hold him like you did, and all that time you will still be an artist. I started a home-based business not art on the side when my daughter was 6. By the time I had my second, I was working full-time from home.

The only way I could work was to get child-care outside of the home. When I was trying to work and look after children at the same time, neither was getting my full attention. You may have experienced how your perfectly happy baby will suddenly fuss when you get a phone call….

Your studio is lovely but not childproof.

Single mom seeking same for playdates and Annapolis

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