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Fat also cuts the time you can expect to live. So it may come as a surprise that several recent public health studies show that losing weight can cut your lifespan.

Thick big woman big butt

The new research confirms that weight loss shortens the lifespan of healthy middle-aged people. But the study has a new finding: your lifespan depends on where on your body the fat you lose is located. The researchers conclude that if you want to live longer, you should try to cut stomach fat and hold on to the fat on your hips and thighs.

Berentzen and her colleagues assessed the health of 26, men and women, aged between 50 and 64, in two periods — —97 and — The study shows that a healthy person in the age range who loses weight measured as BMI units — see factbox has a 9 percent higher risk of dying — but the same person cuts the risk of dying by 9 percent by reducing his or her waist measurement by 5cm.

Thick big woman big butt

This applies to all healthy people in the age range — and not just those who are already overweight or apple- or pear-shaped. Stomach fat — in particular the fat in the abdominal cavity around the organs — transmits many free fatty acids and numerous hormones adipokineswhich can damage the body and can contribute to the development of heart diseases.

Thick big woman big butt

Fat deposits on the hips and thighs store free fatty acids, so they do not harm the body. Hip and thigh fat also secretes hormones with beneficial effects on the body. This means that a large butt can be an advantage in health terms. Weight loss alone may not be enough — reducing stomach fat while retaining hip and thigh fat is important to our health and life expectancy. The Berentzen study provides no clues to how we ensure we reduce our stomach fat. But other studies indicate that sports and a diet rich in fibres reduce stomach fat. In addition, it seems that moderate weight loss cuts proportionately more stomach fat than other fat — but this relationship is changed by greater weight loss because stomach fat is often the first to be cut when you lose weight.

However, losing weight — particularly in specific locations on the body — is difficult, especially in the long term. So we are better off if we prevent stomach fat through healthy Thick big woman big butt with plenty of exercise, a fibre-rich diet, good sleep and no stress. A newly discovered hormone could lead to a drug that can raise the body's energy conversion and minimise the risk of type 2 diabetes — without exercise.

A lower intake of calories is more important than physical exercise when heavy children try to lose weight. Parents also have to be strongly involved. Stress can make you fat — and being obese can create stress. A new hypothesis seeks to explain how. Public intellectuals are on a global scale being terrorized by those in power.

Thick big woman big butt

A Danish project examines their conditions and methods to help them. Antibodies are the garbage trucks of the human body. They take the stuff we do not want in our system and drive it off to the waste dump. This system is smart, but it can be improved. Fat on the hips and thighs is not unhealthy — it helps you live longer. Photo: Mik Thomas Hoffmann. Published friday January - Nuanced advice on weight loss Stomach fat is unhealthy, so a healthy weight loss programme should aim at reducing the waistline measurement. Photo: Colourbox. Researchers' Zone:. Powered by Labrador CMS.

Thick big woman big butt Thick big woman big butt

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