Women want nsa Manor Delaware

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I 4 Morning News, Wilmington, Dtl. Lutheran deaconess combines firmness, care Firmness with lots of love. Louis in on a recommendation that national consultations and conventions between quadriennial conferences be halted. Services Baynard Blvd. Wilmington Manor REV.

I S Miffliat Worship A. Yum Fellowship J P. Eeeaiai Service P. Crepiere 1. MOIT hiwhuihbi I. Monies' Prevef eel Sornei 1st See. Moll St V Nureory Saturday, October 4, ness and s for children attending the Zion Lutheran Church's preschool the past 15 'years- Sister Elaine is a deaconess, one of a special group of consecrated churchwomen who serve the Lutheran Church in America in what is now an year-old program in the United States. She's the only one ased to a Lutheran Church in Delaware. This particular morning she had put on her "dress black" habit especially for the photo grapher.

On most days she wears the plainer gray garb for deaconesses of her denomination. She had put herself out a bit, too, for this particular interview because she was suffering from laryngitis and could barely speak above a whisper. A slrm woman of moderate Sunday seminars begin tomorrow "Insights from Modern Literature" will be emphasized in the Sunday Evening Seminars to be held again this year at Christ Church Christiana Hundred.

Tomorrow night at 7 in the introductory lecture, Dr. Arthur C. Moralei Prayer B Sirieii lit. Holy Ceoianaioa Wei. Holy CmiBuelia Fri. Healinf Service ST. Mornini Prayer B Samoa 1st Sea. Adams St, o.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

Moraiei Prayir nt Serene 1st Sea. Morylonl Ave. This includes 40 pre-schoolers both 4- and 5-year-olds whom she and Mrs. Floyd Pines work with at the day kindergarden at Zion Church, Lancaster Ave, The class includes black and white, city and suburban children.

Sitting in one of the church lounges while the children had a break outdoors with Mrs. Pines, Sister Elaine looked trim in her dress with its trimly itted long sleeves and V-neck and folded-back white collar. The deaconess cross was pinned on at the V and she wore the "new style" little beret-beanie type hat which took place of the nun-type veil deaconesses. University and seminary pro fessors do the lectures which are non-sectarian and on religious topics of contemporary interest.

The series is possible through a memorial to Lydia Chichester du Pont, set up in by her mother, the late Mrs. Dudley Clark. Among speakers for October are: Oct. Rev, Alexander Schmemann, dean of St. Walton Litz Jr. Confessions Sat. Sunday School S. I Pentecostal in Power. She's been at Zion since She received a degree in secondary education from Findlay Ohio College and has since studied preschool teaching at Temple University.

When she first became a Baptist funds to aid education The educational committee of the Missionary Baptist Associa tion of Delaware will hold its final fund-raising service tomor row at p. Guest speaker will be the Rev. Manley, pastor, Shiloh Baptist Church.

The committee was appointed last October during the annual session of the Missionary Bap tist Association, which is com- prised of about 14 churches throughout the state. The Rev. Holmes, pastor, Pilgrim Baptist Church, Newark, is the moderator. The purpose of the education al committee is to raise funds for needy young people's educa tion. Otis A. Herring, pastor, Union Baptist Church, is the chairman and Rev. Other members of the committee: Mrs. Pauline Cook, secretary, Mrs. Julia Reeves, assistant secretary, Mrs.

Pearl Wil liams, treasurer, and Mr. Robert Haile. Special Forum 9 A. Trabant, president, Univertity of Delaware. Asi C. After 10 years "The Mother House doesn't want us to become too narrow in our outlook"-he went on to direct religious education programs at churches in Williamsport, Pa.

She feels a Women want nsa Manor Delaware freedom of life in being a deaconess. Some deaconesses have cars, although Sister. Elaine doesn't. The deaconess receives a reg ular allowance to pay for her living expenses, but no salary. Reconciliation, China are topics Wilmington District United Methodists will hear two widely known speakers at a Fall Missions Conference tomorrow from to p.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

Maclnnis is director of the China program for the National Council of Churches. Worehipt ft AJA. Sunday School: a. Worehip a. Sunday School: S a.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

Retort E. Motr Fetter Rev. Josspl P. Lottricl Asiittoot Rev. Perk W. Christiae liviif. HuaOroet ilreily I So lack lay.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

Why aet jeie the. Pike opposite Darley Rd. Peterson, Pastor A. Millar, Poslor A. We call their husbands our brother-in-laws. We don't lose the relation ship. We work on the theory that we want happy deaconess es. It is served as Methodist missionary, educator and administrator for Methodists in Taiwan for many years.

Smith, at Crozer for 18 years, is an ordained American Baptist Convention pastor, and has worked in biraciai and human-relations croups and in Democratic politics in Delaware County, Pa. The sessions are open to Methodists and others.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

Peniel Church is at E. Market St. Church School A. Mamin Worehip A. Evening Service PJA. Mid-Wook Service P. Moromi Worship A. Treioini Union P. Evening Worship P. Midweek Service Wad. Tirviv Provided that way with -the deaconesses everywhere. The Mother House may ask a deaconess to take another asment, the deacon ess may request a change, or the church or agency she serves may ask that she be moved.

WOMEN who want a change are kept in touch with job openings as they occur and can choose where they want to go for interviews. Sister Elaine has an apart ment in -the Zion neighborhood, goes with a friend to the opera in New York occasionally and attends musical events at the Academy of Music in Philadelphia.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

She has traveled to Eu rope during vacations and sometimes visits a place in the Poconos, Paradise Falls maintained for deaconesses. Lewretce W. Pester l:4S A. Triiaiif Ueiee P. X Worship Services. Starting at 3 p.

Women want nsa Manor Delaware

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